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Help rearrange games

Hi all - especially those connected to 2nd division clubs.

As the rainy season starts with the likelyhood of more games postponed due to weather and possibly added disruption with corona please think about booking midweek games where you can.

Currently it looks like some teams may have to play Saturday 19th December to catch up on games and even then some teams will have first half of season games left over to play and in case we have to finish season early again we will be taking the first half of seasons results (i.e. 1 game v each other) to determine the league positions etc.

So if you are willing please talk to each other to get games on there are plenty of 3g pitches and some are open as late as 10pm (so 8pm kick off). You may have to book early. So get in now for November- We are happy for you to put these games on whichever day you can get.

Thank you to Lucasz at Polonia and those at Colne who have agreed to play one of their rearranged games at Fishermoor tomorrow. Please everyone follow their example.

Lets not have too much of a fixture backlog at the end of the season - especially when some of you wont have grounds available due to cricket etc.

Where next?

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