The Chairman

By Ken Inckle

The Chairman

A message from the Chairman.
Well what a season so far, we have lost Peter, He held the league together for a long time, he was special.
Now we are stronger, we have a a Committee of 10 and they are a great bunch to work with. They all have their own ideas of what is good for the League. It was not easy for us to scrap our league programme and we did not all agree, but in the end we opted for a Cup Competition, we thought we had more chance of progress in these uncertain times. Covid 19 can stop anything so we just hope we can finish this.
We have 2 new Sponsors, the main cup will be called The Skinny Lager Trophy, Skinny Lager is owned by an ex East Lancs League player, has 4% ABV BUT ONLY 98 Calories which is making it very popular.
The 2nd will be The Burnley Eats Consolation Cup. Burnley Eats is new, they are a very popular Food Delivery Service.
A very big thankyou to both

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