League Cups


Formats of this years league cups.

I thought I would let you all know the formats of this years league cups.

The cups will commence in the new year (the draw to be advised) and this is the format we will follow.

The Presidents Cup for the 12 Premier Teams and all 9mteams from division 1. There will be a draw for Round 1 of 10 Teams and 11 Teams will Receive a Bye. The 5 Winners of Round 1 will join the 11 teams who had a bye in the last 16 to a straight 1 game knock out each round to the Final.

The Bob Little cup for 1st division teams. - A draw will be made for a tie involving 2 teams in a preliminary round - the winner will join the other 7 in a straight 1 game knock out each round to the final.

Both of these two cups final will once again be played in a double header in a Bank Holiday Weekend in May

The Skinny Lager Reserve League Cup will have a format of 2 divisions of 3 playing each other home and away (4 games each) and the 2 respective league winners will then meet in the Final on an evening game prior to the double header final.

Hope that these formats make sense and we once again have a great, well contested tournaments and may the best teams win!

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